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How to play Halli Galli / Fruit Punch

In this article we teach you the rules and how to play Halli Galli / Tutti Frutti. The game is also known as Fruit Punch. The game concept of both games is the same, just replace the bell with the squeaky banana ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep on reading to learn about the game.

Fruit Punch box / Halli Galli box
PublisherAmigo Games
Playing Time15 min
ThemeCard Game
MechanicsSkill, reaction

Short History

The history of the card game Halli Galli goes back to 1991: originally, the game developed by Israeli game designer Haim Shafir (RinglDing, Pirates Capture, Speed Cups) was launched under the name Tutti Frutti. Only a year later, the classic game was renamed Halli Galli. Halli Galli is published in various versions by the Dietzenbach-based Amigo Spielverlag and is aimed at a target group of 6 years and older. Amigo released another version under the name Fruit Punch.

Game preparation

Before the game begins, the bell is positioned in the center of the playing field. The players agree on a dealer who distributes all the cards to the players equally, face down. Once each participant has his cards, he places them face down in front of him on the playing field.

How to play Halli Galli
Halli Galli game setup

How many cards does each player get at the beginning?

A set of Halli Galli cards consists of 56 cards. All cards (!) are distributed face down to the recommended two to six participating players before the game begins. The number of cards for each player thus depends on the number of participating players.

How to play Halli Galli?

How to flip a card
How to flip a card

Once the dealer has dealt the cards, the player to the left of the dealer may begin. His task is to turn over his first card. The player places the card face up on his discard pile, which is in front of him. Each player has his own discard pile. In order not to gain an advantage, each card turned over in this way should be turned over away from the player’s field of vision. Speed definitely plays a role here, in order to see the card as quickly as possible.

Revealing cards one after the other

Once the first player has turned over his card, the next player may turn over his card. As soon as five identical fruits become visible on the discard piles, each player tries to ring the bell. Whoever rings the bell first receives all the cards in the revealed discard piles. The winner of the round places all cards face down under his card pile. A new round begins.

The player who has turned over all his cards can continue ringing.

If a player has turned over his last card, the game doesn’t end for him yet. Although he canโ€™t reveal any card anymore and skips his turn when the cards are revealed, he may still use the bell – and thus it is possible for him to win cards again. Only when this player’s discard pile is also lost does he no longer belong to the participating players in the Halli Galli round.

If you ring incorrectly, you have to give up cards

One of the special rules of the game is the rule of ringing the bell wrongly. If a player has mistakenly rung the bell out of reflex, even though there are not exactly five fruits of the same kind, he is penalized with the loss of cards. In this case, he must give one card of his face-down deck to each participating player.

How to win Halli Galli?

If only two players are left in the game, the last round is played. Whoever gathers the most cards at the end is the winner of the game Halli Galli. If the last round is played between the two remaining players, a special rule applies: if a player rings the bell incorrectly, the opposing player receives all the exposed cards – this ends the game. Alternatively, the game can be played to the end until one of the players gathers all the cards on his side.

How to play Halli Galli video

How to play Halli Galli

How to play Fruit punch video

How to play Fruit Punch

Where do I find the Fruit Punch Rules in PDF?

You can download the original rules in PDF format from amigo games.

Where do I find the Halli Galli Extreme Rules in PDF?

You can download the rules in PDF format here.