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How To Play Game Of Life in 2022 – Best Guide

The game of life has high popularity among the older generation. In the board game, event cards and dice decide how your life will go in terms of satisfaction, happiness, wealth, profession, and income. We put all older PDF game rules and PDF instructions in the FAQ section.

To win, you must have more money than your fellow players when you enter retirement age (end of the game). Just like in authentic life in this fun game, everything never works out the way you planned.

I will explain to you how to play Game of Life.

How to play game of life - the box
The Game of Life Box
Playing Time30-60 min
ThemeThe Game of Life
MechanicsRoll / Spin and Move Simulation

Play material and accessories from the game of life

1 game board including 12 plastic superstructures
1 four-part wheel of fortune (turning wheel)
1 sticker sheet for bridges/mountains
6 plastic car models in 6 colors
52 plastic pins/plugs (26 pcs. per color pink/blue)
1 Spin to Win Strip
24 Spin to Win Markers (4 pieces per color)
25 life cards
230 play money bills 
20 credit bills
34 salary increase certificates
55 cards (22 parts makes joy maps, 9 investment, 6 luxury mansion, 6 trusts home, 6 academic occupation and 6 occupation cards)
1 game manual
1 Banker's Tray

How to play Game Of Life

Game Preparations

Before the game can start, you must place the board in the center of the table and place all the buildings and houses. Place the stack of lifestyle cards face down on the board. Place the mixed lifestyle cards in front of the Millionaire’s Villa. Each player takes a car as a character. Every player puts a small pen of the gender’s color to the steering wheel. Each player gets a starting capital of 10.000 in play money.

Game process

In the game of life, the wheel of fortune replaces the dice. The game is played clockwise. You move your character as many squares as you can see after the spin.

Like any other player, you decide in the beginning whether you want to take a long way to university or directly enter a profession. The academic career will take longer but will earn you a good to an excellent monthly salary. To study, you need to take out a large loan. Almost like in actual life, both options offer you a high potential for a career.

Each participant starts at the field start and chooses his way to the millionaire’s villa or country estate. On your way to the finish, red fields force you to stop even if you have spun a higher number. Whenever you arrive at a red field, make an important decision. For example, this could buy a house or a wedding.

Fields of activity

Lifestyle fields

When you reach a life style field after your spin, take the top card from the pile of life game cards and place it face down in front of you. We reveal the lifestyle cards at the end of the game.

Green Fields

Whenever you reach a green field on the playing field after your spin, you get your salary.

Blue Fields

When you arrive on a blue field, you have the possibility to take legal action on any of the other players.

Yellow fields

Yellow fields influence most of your life. They can contain the following tasks:

  • SUPERSPIN: You bet an amount of money on several numbers. If you are correct, you win ten times the amount bet.
  • Baby: You are getting offspring.
  • Fired: You have to choose a new profession.
  • Tax refund: You get a refund of your paid taxes.
  • Income tax: you must pay your taxes.
  • Living: You get a life card.
  • Pay / receive: You will be paid out or have to pay a sum of money.

During the game, you and your fellow players choose professions, receive salary increases, and sue other players. A player who has chosen the profession police officer will receive a fine from each player who has spun the number 10. Each player can take out a loan from the bank. As in real life, the players can buy shares, insure their cars or loan money from the bank. These decide on a playful private bankruptcy or your fame.


  • Sharing makes fun cards: These cards let you take part in a super spin, free you from payments or lawsuits, reduce your expenses or let you earn
  • Investments: When it is your turn, you may first buy an investment card. Every time a player spins the number printed on the card, you get money. You may only have one investment card per game.


Sooner or later, all players reach the end of their life’s journey. As long as not all participants have retired, the pensioners remain in the game. This means that their existing investment cards are still valid. As a pensioner you may play your joy cards.

Note: With each new edition the rules of the game may differ slightly.

Game end and game winner

The game finishes when all players have reached the finish line. First, you pay out your money to everyone who has chosen the Billionaire Villa. The player who has earned the highest amount of money in the game will also receive the 4 lifestyle cards placed at the villa.

Afterward, each player turns over the lifestyle cards that hide in front of him. This is the moment of truth. You and every other player will learn about the achievements they have made in their playful lives. Each player adds the amounts printed on his lifestyle cards to the amount of money he has earned. The winner is the player who now has the most money.

How do you like the game of life – my opinion on the game

The Game of Life simulates the personal path of life entertainingly. Just like in real life, you make decisions throughout the game that massively influence your further path in life. It is not without reason that this classic board game is often and gladly played by all generations.

The game of life is not a complex game. The luck factor, however, dominates the course of the game very strongly, and except for a few details, everything is predetermined. The classic board game produces a high pleasure factor because it stimulates the imagination.

Surely you have already thought about what your life would have been like if you had studied instead of going straight to work, or vice versa. Would you have earned more or less money? If you like a realistically simulated game and it inspires you, you will enjoy the game of life. The game is equally playable and entertaining with many players. The board game is perfect as a family game. I can warmly recommend the game of life to you.


After reading this article, you now know how to play Game of Life. If you have any questions or would like to provide some feedback, don’t hesitate to use the comment below. Other game instructions you can find in our How to play section. If you like to buy the game, check the good deal on amazon.

What is the game of life starting money?

In the beginning, each player gets $10,000.

What is the game of life rules spin to win?

When you land here, all players choose a number
on the Spin to Win wheel and place their token
on that number. You get to put a second token
(the silver one) on a second number.
Everybody loses his bets except the one with the exact number. The lucky one wins10x his bet!

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